Rushin' Revolution Stickers: Help spread the message

January 29: The new stickers are in! The design features a shot I took at the Warriors Ride in NYC 2002 where gang members had to bunny hop one of their own at the Grant's Tomb checkpoint before they could advance. (This event was the birth of the Rushin' Revolution by the way.) The sticker is 5.5" x 4.25" and are going fast. In addition, I also have a new run of 'Live Free or Drive' stickers and recently found a missing stack of 'Elvis'. See the available designs below.

Sticker packs are $5 postage paid and include a few each of all the current designs. I accept cash, check or PayPal. Email me for details.

Skid - 2.75"x4.25"

Repo Man - 5.5"x1.38"

bunnyhopper - 5.5"x4.25"

live free or drive - 5.5"x1.38" (2 for 1)