Schlitz and Giggles Wrapup

February 26: It's a good thing my buddy Joel called this afternoon or I'd probably still be sleeping. The only thing the after party for the Schlitz and Giggles race was missing was a big o'l bowl of mashed potatoes. Hosted by Independent Fabrication in their new warehouse space, there were DJs, beer courtesy of Harpoon, nakedness and mayhem. Just like a bike race ought to be.

The course had more than 50 checkpoints with bonuses for large bar tabs turned in at the end. The whole thing took six hours to run and people are bound to be thirsty, you know? Don't ask me who won, I have no idea. I do know who won the IF track frame though. Ben Frank, who won the Boston Beer Chaser a few years back, won by default after the only other guy with both feet on the pedals slipped on the beer soaked concrete. I shed a tear for that guy.

And then there was the naked track stands. I haven't seen that many balls since junior high gym class.

There were too many sponsors to mention here, but you can check them all out at www.schlitzandgiggles.com. And special props go to organizers Lauren and Jill who put together one epic day of bike love that drew riders from DC, NYC, Philly and beyond. See images below.