Midnight Crit in Davis Square, April 14:

April 16: Rain? We're not afraid of no stinkin' rain. Despite a bleak spot during pre-reg where it looked like the rain wasn't going to let up, the skies cleared just in time for the race in Davis Square last Friday night. With 32 registered racers on the slick course, competition was fierce and the onslaught of cars and buses only increased as the race carried on. Luckily, there were no major injuries, although Rob Arnold, who won third for the men, took not one but two spills on the wet pavement. (Rob, we owe you a pair of Midnight Crit chain tensioners...email me and I'll get them to you.)

The women's field was deep, comprising almost a third of total racers. Newbie Jen from Vintage Etc managed to avoid an early crash and found herself out front, a position she managed to stick to the end. Did I mention it was her first race? Did I mention she raced in clogs? She's definitely one to watch...

For the men, it was all about domination by Joe Re, defending Midnight Crit champion. This guy attacked at the gun and never let up. After all his effort out front he still managed to stick the sprint against Chris who damn near nipped him at the line.

For the award ceremony, we descended upon Redbones for last call and got the whole downstairs into the ceremony. Full results are:

Men - Joe Re, Chris, Rob Arnold

Women - Jen, Lodrina, Leah

Chopper - Treehugger

The Nosepicker Award - Nosepicker

Special thanks to Tyler of Paramount Bicycle Repair for donating the gift certificates, beer cozies and love. And thanks also to Elizabeth from Vintage Etc for the kickass fuzzy socks and green duck tape. Other prizes include Midnight Crit chain tensioners and Rushin' Revolution socks. We'd also like to thank Mara, Jonathan and Alistair from the SCAT and CCTV show 'Down on the Street' for filming the race and interviewing Alex and I afterward. I'll send out the word when the segment will run. And thanks to all who showed up despite the rain, it was a great time. Photos here.