A Brief Look Back at 2010..A Good Year for Bicycles

January 28, 2011: By all accounts, it has been a brisk year for bicycles. Ridership is up pretty much everywhere, with historically bike-unfriendly Boston bragging about increasing ridership by 122% in the last three years. Those are the same three years during which Nicole Freedman, head of bicycle programs for the City, has been under appointment by Mayor Menino. Check Freedman's interview with NYC-based Streetsblog:

Bike-share operations are popping up all over the country, and world, with fantastic results. And thanks to some smart cookies in England with a knack for the visual representation of numerical data, you can now follow along with your favorite bike-share operation in real time online. Below is a sample of real time data from the London bike share network (borrowed from Streetsblog):

Check out the 2010 Year in Review from the Bike-Share Blog, NYC's velojoy.com, and get the Canadian perspective from theurbancountry.com.

There is also growing awareness that the bicycle as transportation is not just for hippies anymore and that conservatives are not all bike-haters. Check out this great blog post, 'how to talk about cycling to a conservative'..good stuff. And check out the new Share the Road video produced in Chicago:

But it wasn't all good. Boston lost multiple cyclists in crashes with motor vehicles which prompted Mayor Menino to convene a bicycle safety summit. In NYC, freshly painted bikelanes were quickly removed by DOT after angry residents protested. The debate over registering cyclists has resumed and NYDOT has been accused of fudging the numbers of recent bicycle counts. Check out the Gothamist interview with Transportation Alternatives Director, Paul Steely White, to help make sense of it all.

Thanks for reading, and ride safe y'all....


Melbourne Bike-Share: Helmet Law a Deterrant to Sharing?

October 17: Per the video below, it seems the helmet law in Victoria Province has put a slight kink the bike-share's initial phase of operation. Per the official website, however, it seems things are being worked out. All the best, Aussies..

Pledge for Bikes tops 100k signatures

October 10: If you haven't heard, peopleforbikes.org is uniting a million voices to improve the future of cycling. PFB recently announced the completion of its first milestone..motivate 100,000 people to sign their online pledge. Next stop 1 million..as their email blast states, "If each of us got one person to sign the pledge this weekend, we'd double the size of our movement."

Check out the most recent 'Why We Ride' video below and get inspired to create your own..


Preach on brother man..

December 10: A rolling message from our friends in NYC..



November 22: Piano stairs from the Fun Theory

Yo man..what's that you puttin' on the front of your bike?

November 16: Why, that's the new Bates Crate yo! Cole of 1lesscar fame has been making these beautiful wood crates here in Chicago and I'm excited to report that I've ordered mine. While I loved the classic D-rack that Mike Flanigan built for my ANT, I switched to the basket for the ease of use. 20lbs of groceries travel much better if you can just throw them in the basket and go, no strapping down needed. I've been rocking the Wald big boy basket for about a year now and LOVE IT (photo below).

But the option to upgrade to a super-stylee custom wood crate from a local builder? How could I turn that down? I ordered one in black and plan to use the Wald hardware to mount it solid. Watch for photos of the finished product in a couple of weeks. Until then, check out the photo below or www.batescrates.com for more details..

Pledge to Bikes!

March 1: Roughly five years after first writing the Pledge to Cars which Andy Singer graciously illustrated, we're back with another collaboration geared toward a more sustainable mode of transport. Behold the Pledge to Bikes:

Thanks as always to Andy Singer for his continued work to represent progressive practices and policies in his iconic CarToon style..and for general awesomeness. The good folks over at Urban Velo Magazine ran this in the hot-off-the-presses Issue#12. Check it here..

Contribution to GhostBike Story:

January 10: In the recent issue of the must-read cycling mag, UrbanVelo, I put some thoughts around the GhostBike phenomena. Check out the story in issue#11 of UrbanVelo to get the history of the GhostBike plus perspectives from around the country. It's safe, and sad, to say that we all have seen these shrines or known someone to whom a GhostBike is dedicated.

I gave perspective from Chicago, writing about last year's tragic death of Matt Manger Lynch. Honor the fallen by riding safely, yeah? Mully (photo by Nico)

Justice Coming in NYC Cyclist vs. Police?

December 15: For those who were outraged at the action of one of NYPD's finest during a Critical Mass ride last July, positive developments have emerged. The officer, who is shown in the video below clearly attacking cyclist Christopher Long, has been indicted by a grand jury. Details of the unfolding story here. And be sure to follow all the links at the bottom for insight into how the tape came to light (extorted by a tourist) and other juicy bits of the story. Read my original comments here and check out the video below.

Annual Gift Guide!

December 5: It's that time of year again folks..time for the Rushin' Revolution Gift Guide. The goal is to spotlight local cyclists with talent and passion to spare. Need to buy a gift for someone that likes chocolate? Robots? Bicycle know-how? Have I got the guide for you..

Livable Streets: StreetFilms Series Launched

November 27: Boston's Livable Streets Alliance, which has been hosting a popular monthly lecture event called the StreetTalk Series, has branched out to video. Inspired by NYC bicycle film legend Clarence Eckerson, the StreetFilm Series focuses on hot button transportation issues and gives a perspective that is comprehensive and counter to the autocentric thinking of the past 50 years. Below is the StreetFilm on the crumbling BU Bridge that links Cambridge and Boston. Visit www.livablestreets.info for more information.

I've got one word Benjamin: Sox!

November 15: Back in stock y'all..Rushin' Revolution TallBoy Sox with the classic hombre in black design on the back. Let the cars behind you know what you really think of them..

Built by Sock Guy, these have a 6" cuff and are perfect for weddings, christenings, bat mitvahs and any other occasion where you want to look your very best. $12 per pair plus $2 shipping if you live farther than I can ride. Two pairs for $20..makes a great gift. Did I mention these sox slice and dice?

Click here for all Rushin' Revolution merch info

Updates from around the bike world

November 1: Spent the afternoon cleaning out my inbox and wanted to share with you some of the links my friends have sent me over the last month or so. Lots of fun stuff that is mostly about bicycles..

Note from a friendly courier

Critical Mass Austin video

Bike-specific corduroys

MASH videos from SF

New StreetFilm for LivableStreets Alliance

Bicycle powered band tours Mexico

Kung Fu BMX Bicycle Fight!

Cambridge takes bike parking to the max

Holy Shit..I can't look away

October 27: This guys is amazing..not only does he hit every note of The Trooper, he looks right into the camera the entire time. Kinda cool, very creepy:

File Under "It Wasn't All Bad"

September 11: He may have been going green by riding his bicycle to work, but a Montana middle school teacher is pretty black and blue after he struck a massive bear.

Jim Litz said he was traveling about 25 mph Monday morning when he came upon a rise and spotted a black bear about 10 feet in front of him. He didn't have time to stop and T-boned the bruin.

He tumbled over the handlebars, his helmet hit the bear's back and the two went cartwheeling down the road.

The 300-pound bear rolled over Litz's head, cracking his helmet, and scratched his back before scampering up a hill above the road.

Litz's wife drove by shortly after the crash and took her husband to the hospital. He hoped to be able to return to teaching science at Target Range Middle School by Friday. (AP)

ANT Bikes' Mike Flanigan featured on Marketplace

August 18: ANT Bikes on NPR, check out the interview here. Not a day goes by that someone comments on the ANT Mike built for me..it's a work of art that works like a mule. Giddy up Mike!

Bicycle Film Festival in Chicago August 6-10

August 3: The time has come riders for the 8th annual Bicycle Film Festival in Chicago! Starting on Wednesday, August 6th, Brendt Barbur and crew will fill your week with Bike Love. From the opening night party to the closing block party on Sunday, this is the week to be in Chicago. Check out the full lineup of events at bicyclefilmfestival.com.

Japanese bicycle parking goes to 11

August 2: This video was sent by my buddy Amos, Scatterer of Goodness don't you know..I've heard of similar systems in place for the parking of automobiles but not for bikes. It's all about maximizing the footprint.

The cycle of bullshit continues at NYC's Critical Mass..

July 28: Here we go again.. Last year it was undercover NYPD infiltrating, filming, and drag-netting cyclists riding in Critical Mass. And now this. A blatant and disgusting display of violence where the official report charged the victim with "attempted assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct" according to Newsday.com. Judge for yourself, check out the video.

For the record, I don't ride Critical Mass and disagree with it's 'xerocratic' philosophy. I believe there are other, more productive ways to promote the cycling agenda. But the overwhelming and uneven enforcement of 'the law' in this, and countless other cases (who reading this doesn't know a similar story?), is offensive.

Last year, I was hit by a dumptruck and left to writhe broken in the street while the driver was let go without any citation to pick up another load of asphalt. This NYC cyclist was, at worst, parading without a permit, and got thrown from his bicycle by a law enforcement agent, was arrested and charged with three crimes.

How long, cyclists? How long are we going to tolerate this? Drop the 14th Precinct a line at 212.239.9811 or send a note to offending officer Patrick Pogan at NYPD Pct 14, 357 West 35th Street, NY, NY 10018. Let him know he's accountable. And please CC me when you do..

The Man in Black will warm your toes..

July 23 : There's a lot going on with the Rushin' Revolution..not least of which is the new sock design! Complete with the Man in Black on the back showing anyone behind you just what you think of shitty drivers, these are a must have. Front side sports RR logo. Produced by Sock Guy, they have a tall 6" cuff and come in sm/med (6-10) and l/xl (9-13). $12ppd and you're good to go..just PayPal to mixmastermully@comcast.net

And if you missed the recent, limited edition Rushin' Revolution hats (pictured below) fear not..I've got a couple left, $15ppd.. Order with a pair of sox for $25ppd total. Order here.

Beware the deluge..RR merch is on the rise

June 28 : After a long spell of stickers and buttons, I'm back with some custom hats from Walz Caps for yer head. Black with red stitching, the caps have "Live Free or Drive, rushinrevolution.com" embroidered on the side. An instant classic and, with only 30 in existence, timing is everything:

Paypal me at this email and let me know what size you want (sm/m or l/xl). $15 flat for US delivery. Have you heard the rumours about new RR socks with the classic Cash on 'em? They are true..just a few more weeks my friends..

Isn't every month Bike Month?

May 11: Bike Month is upon us y'all, the officially designated time to get out and ride. Advocacy groups use this month to raise awareness for cycling as transportation and politicos say nice things and go back inside. There are some positive signs however that all is not so cynical. Check out NYC for example, where bicycle commuting is on the rise. The efforts of Noah Budnick and the good folks at Transportation Alternatives, paired with sympathetic transportation commissioner, Janette Sadik-Khan, are helping take cycling into the mainstream in NYC.

In other news, the Annual Bike Party at Redbones in Someville, Mass, has been postponed until next week. One of Boston biking's best block parties of the year, this is one that should not be missed. Luckily I'm in town for Selecter70s wedding that weekend and will stay an extra day for this one. A fundraiser for MassBike and NEMBA, this is event is the locus of the bike scene in Boston.

And if you're in downtown Boston tomorrow, be sure to hit the Bike to Work Week Kickoff Rally. A group ride will depart City Hall Plaza and head to Post Office Square for speeches by newly converted cyclist Mayor Menino and Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons. Stand up and be counted..

Lastly, yesterday was the one-year anniversary of my getting my ass handed to me by a dumptruck here in Chicago. I'm still mending and have got a ways to go to get back to 100 percent, but let me just say thanks to everyone for the support over what has been the single craziest year I've ever lived through. Giddy up..

Just add sun and the City wakes up

April 26 : Chicago is a city that hibernates in the winter. Despite telling myself that I wouldn't hole up in my apartment for the duration, that's pretty much what I did. And now with the return of the sun, the leaves and the warmth, Chicagoans have spilled out onto the streets like mad. Damn, it's good to be out..

Lots of positive bike stuff in the news, including word that Washington DC is copying Paris and will begin a bike share program in the next months. Rumours abound that something similar is coming to Chi but that's super hush-hush at the moment. Read the New York Times article here.

Marty Walsh of Geekhouse Bikes is hosting an open house complete with shop tours, beer, BBQ and more. Marty apprenticed under Mike Flanigan of ANT Bikes and is making some pretty sick machines over in Allston. Check out what could possibly be the only pursuit tallbike in existence..

I was recently flipping through the March 08 issue of Urban Velo Magazine (Bicycle Culture on the Skids don't you know..), and saw my baby on page 42! My brandy new Major Taylor dream bike built by Mike Flanigan at ANT Bikes was featured from the Handbuilt Bike Show in Portland. The caption reads, "..this would be an ideal daily ride." Damn straight. Available as a PDF or in hard copy, Urban Velo covers the functional side of cycling with special emphasis on fun. Check 'em out..

In beer news, I got wind that Harpoon is finally coming to Chicago! Let me say that again..Harpoon is finally coming to Chicago! No offense to the good folks at Goose Island Brewery, whose beer has been my midwest Harpoon for the last two years, but I'm going back to my roots just as soon as I see that truck roll into town..

And lastly, check out the video below to learn more about the sport of Rad Ball (that's Deutsch for Cycle Ball). Kinda makes naked trackstands pale in comparison..

Have you taken the test?

March 14: My guess is that, if you're visiting this website, you're a believer. Check out this link and send along to a few of those not-yet-believers in your life. For the record, I thought it was 14..


Cuz nothin' says 'Intermodal' like Hip Hop:

Feburary 27: If you're ever in Louisville, Kentucky and can't ride that extra mile, check out the following video. It'll help you get that bike on the bus with style. Thanks to Charlie from Livable Streets for sending.


More love for bikes, both stateside and abroad:

Feburary 24: Some positive news from across the bicycle spectrum. First up is an ambitious plan from London Mayor, Ken Livingstone, to build a network of bicycle superhighways. Made famous (or infamous) for his congestion pricing program whereby motorists must pay to enter London's central business district, this new proposal, if realized, will likely cement Livingstone as a progressive icon.

"We want nothing short of a cycling transformation in London," said the mayor, Ken Livingstone. "We are announcing the biggest investment in cycling in London's history, which will mean that thousands more Londoners can cycle in confidence, on routes that take them quickly and safely to where they want to go."

Read the article in the London Guardian.

And speaking of icons, Lance Armstrong is opening a bike shop in Austin, Texas. While it wil contain some racing memorabilia and feature Trek bicycles, the shop will focus on the commuter and lifestyle cyclist in an effort to promote bicycle use downtown.

"This city is exploding downtown. Are all these people in high rises going to drive everywhere? We have to promote (bike) commuting," Armstrong said.

Read about the bike shop, commuting center, training facility and cafe here.

Bikes and Chocolate, a Natural Fit

January 26: Check out the great interview with local cyclists turned chocolatiers, "Fast" Alex Whitmore and Larry Slotnick, purveyors of the up and coming Taza Chocolate. If you can't get the video below to work, visit this link to see it on the Boston Globe's website.


Holy S#&T!! It's done!

January 20: My new bicycle is done! ANT Bike's amazing Major Taylor frame, custom spec'd just for me and super stylee is complete. Now comes the hard part: waiting for delivery. Mike Flanigan is taking this to Portland for the North American Handbuilt Bicycle Show on Feb 8-10 and I won't take delivery of the bicycle until after that. Maybe it will win first prize in the urban commuter category..that would be sweet..

Visit www.antbikemike.com or click ANTBike Blog for amazing shots of the whole bike.

Fast Alex, Chocolate Rock Star:

January 7: As if getting spanked by him on the 'cross course wasn't bad enough, now you learn that 'Fast' Alex Whitmore makes chocolate better than you as well. Then again, those who've sampled Taza Chocolate know that Alex makes chocolate better than most anyone.

Forget chocolate and peanut butter, it's chocolate and bicycles that are the real dream team here. Check out the recent article in the Boston Globe about Taza Chocolate's dynamic duo, Alex and Larry. They took the concept of sustainability from a transportation mindset and applied it to agriculture and economics through chocolate. Always organic, always fair-trade, if you haven't had the Nibs yet, you're really missing out..

Visit www.tazachocolate.com to learn more

Stoodio53 Reunion in Union!

January 5: If you weren't able to make it to the Independent in Union Square to hear me and Stefan spin it out, don't fret. As part of the Stoodio53 MixTape Series, I posted part of the very delicous Soul/Funk set that I put together. Check it out here. While you're there, be sure to subscribe to the podcast for some of the best local and lesser-known music out there. The Stoodio53 MixTape Series: It's music you should know from people you trust (actual trust may vary).

Midnight Crit Drag Race Video and Photos!

November 6: I think we're wearing the cops down..they don't even blink at our Midnight Crits anymore. And that's the way we like it..

Due to the fact the Union Square is currently a construction zone with metal plates and pylons and other assorted harbingers of doom, the race was shortened to 10 laps. Did I mention it was raining?

We got a great video/photo montage sent in by Friend of the Revolution, Mad Dog. Check out YouTube below:

The turnout was smaller than usual but damn did they look fabulous! There were a ton of flashes going off, but not many photos sent in..if you have some shots you'd like to share, send 'em to me and I'll be sure to give credit. The shot of that blue haired beauty below is from Bullitt..check out more shots here.


It's all about staying positive..

July 14th: Anyone who has ever had a bicycle stolen knows that it's pretty difficult to look on the bright side after being violated. It can be done, however, as evidenced in the following video from youtube in which a victim of theft turns things around and writes a pretty good song about it. Check out the video below.

Also, if you're in Boston during the Tour de France this year, head over to Redbones for an amazing breakfast spread and live coverage of the mountain stages. There's nothing better than an early ride, a kickass breakfast and the Tour live, trust me. $7 and you're good to go, details here.

Vive Le Tour!!

We Can Fix Him..We Have the Technology

July 8: It has been just over 8 weeks since my run in with the business end of a dumptruck and my recovery continues. One thing I've been amazed by is the level of sophistication in our healthcare system. With my wrist and radius basically a shattered mess, I didn't expect much could be done to salvage the arm. But thanks to some airplane grade titanium and a couple of surgeries, things seem to have come back together. Now all that's left is 6-months to a year of physical therapy. Ugh. I wonder what the bastard that hit me is doing right now..

Dumptruck 1, Mully 0:

May 20: For those who haven't heard, I was involved in a pretty major accident with a dumptruck on May 10th. The ten-wheeled behemoth took a left in front of me and whacked me like I was a slow pitch soft ball. I was wearing a helmet and my head is fine but my arms and back didn't fare so well:

- broken right wrist
- broken right arm (radius)
- broken left hand (where thumb and hand meet)
- two fractured vertebrae

A few nights in the hospital, some pretty serious surgery on both arms and a boatload of painkillers later and I'm starting to realize the gravity of the situation. I will not ride a bike for probably six months and will quite possibly go out of my mind. Luckily Amy flew out the very next morning and has been my angel, helping me in and out of my back brace, getting toothpaste out of the tube for me, and basically managing my recovery. I couldn't do this alone.

I realize this all sounds pretty depressing but please leave this page with a positive feeling. I was broadsided by a ten-wheel dumptruck and, after a few days, walked away. The rest is just details. I can't think of many people luckier than me right now.

Special thanks to Ann of Upgrade Cycle Works who rescued my bicycle from the gutter where Chicago's finest had left it to die. Check out photos of my poor Pista here.

StreetTalk Special Event Wednesday, May 8th:

May 7: One night only, Livable Streets Alliance in Cambridge, Mass, is proud to present Clarence Eckerson, legendary NYC bicycle filmmaker, who will be showing about an hour of fun, short films about bikes and transportation advocacy efforts in the US. A long time force behind BikeTV in New York, Eckerson will be on hand for the screenings.

Festivities start at the LSA office at 8pm, don't be late.. Suggested donation of $10 gets you into the screening and a cold beer or soft drink. Details here.


Paris brings bikes to the forefront

March 25: The City of Lights will soon become the City of Bikes. And not just the racing kind that hit the Champs-Elysées every July. In a move that aims to promote healthier movement throughout the city while reducing congestion and pollution, Paris is launching a new bike-sharing program that will place more than 20,000 bicycles at nearly 1,500 hubs around the city. The bikes can then be shared for a nominal fee with the first 30-minutes free. Read the article from the Washington Post's Foreign Service and start thinking how we can bring this progressive approach to the transportation problem to America.

Vinyl Velo DJ Challenge!

Feb 18: A lazy Sunday was winding down out here in Chi-town and I was searching for something to look forward to when I got word of a DJ show happening in Boston tomorrow (Monday) night at River Gods. Even if I started riding now, I'd never make it but I wanted to spread the word. Remember the Schlitz and Giggles race last winter? Co-organizers Lauren and Jill, who happen to work at competing bike companies Seven Cycles and Independent Fabrication, put together a smack down night of bike DJs at one of the coolest pubs in Cambridge. DJ Elament, shown here spinning at the SNG after party, invites you all:

"hey kids it's the vinyl velo dj battle happening feb. 19th at rivergods. tylernol3 and dj jillcap of independent fabrication VS elament and beee of seven cycles. beats, beers, antics. reprazent!"

I'd be there if I could kiddies. Head on down and grab a pint for me, will ya?

New Merch!

January 20: It only looks like I've been slacking..really. Over the last few months, I've produced two new sticker designs and a cool new button as well. Rest assured that Chicago and Boston have been smattered with all of them. One sticker is a direct quote from the movie Repo Man and was inspired by CCTV's 'Down on the Street', which uses a clip of the movie in their intro:

Of all the stickers I've done, this one is by far the most defiled. There's a bike rack in front of my office that I've hit with this sticker over and over. But someone keeps ripping it off or scratching it with a key until it's illegible. Same story at the cafe, the grocery store, the record shop...methinks I hit a nerve..

Click on the sticker above to see our updated Merch page. Want to purchase some shwag? Send a message with the details and we'll make it happen.

Rushin' Revolution Video on The Phoenix Website

January 4: Damn, I almost forgot about this. Back in October when we put on the most recent Midnight Crit, a film crew from The Boston Phoenix showed up. Not only did they film some pre- and post-race festivities, they actually filmed the race from within. With the rear hatch open, they flew around the course with the racers and luckily didn't hit anyone.

Not much of the actual race footage made it to the website but it's a cool little spot. Did you race that night? Think you made the final edit? Check out the video here.

Want to keep up with all the progressive action in the Boston transportation scene?
Check out the Livable Streets Alliance:

The Rushin' Revolution Holiday Gift Guide

December 7: When I sat down last week to decide what sorts of goodies I wanted to get my friends and family this holiday, the list I came up with surprised me. Whether it's chocolate, beer, bbq or clogs, the red thread of all the businesses on my list is the bicycle. It amazes me how many cool and creative people share the bike bond. Check out some of my picks in the first Rushin' Revolution Gift Guide!

The Midnight Crit, Friday the 13th Edition Wrapup

October 22: There's just nothing like a hometown crowd to get the juices flowing. I'm referring of course to the turnout for the recent Friday 13th edition of the Midnight Crit. With 50 registered racers, this was the fastest race we've put on to date with a new champion crowned in both the men and women's field.

Joe Re, defending men's champion of the last three Midnight Crits, was unseated by supersonic newcomer Andres Inglis while Jill Meyer pressed the pace for the women and took it all the way to the line. Full results here.

There was a film crew documenting the night for the Boston Phoenix and I'll be sure to post the link as soon as it goes live...


What's New with the Velorution:

July 15: It's a good thing I moved to Chicago the morning after my going away party at the Abbey Lounge. Had I stuck around I may have been held accountable for my defiling of the stage... Bass? Drums? I can make them both look bad...

Special thanks go to everyone who braved Sunday night...At least you got to see some amazing local bands kick ass. I owe a special debt of thanks to The Tampoffs and Spitzz...they took a few silver bullets for me.

Check out www.spitzz.com and www.tampoffs.com to learn more about two Boston bands you should know. And for those who may be wondering...I'll be back.


Mully's Gone: F@#K Mully!

June 20: For those of you who didn't get a chance to tell Mully off or collect that ten bucks before he moved to Chicago, you're in luck. Back in town for a one night engagement at the Abbey Lounge, he'll be there with a clown suit and a dunk tank. Come take your best shot...
Some of Boston's best bands -- The Garage Dogs, The Tampoffs and The Spitzz -- have graciously given up a Sunday night to make sure he's gone for good this time. Other treats include djSelecter70 and a special guest or two on the turntables.
So come on out this Sunday, June 25th at 9pm for some amazing local rock and kiss Mully and Monday morning goodbye...


Midnight Crit Results and Photos

April 16: Rain? We're not afraid of no stinkin' rain. Despite a bleak spot during pre-reg where it looked like the rain wasn't going to let up, the skies cleared just in time for the race in Davis Square last Friday night. With 32 registered racers on the slick course, competition was fierce for the cool prizes donated by Paramount Bicycle Repair and Vintage Etc. Full results and a photo gallery here.


Schlitz and Giggles Wrapup

February 26: It's a good thing my buddy Joel called this afternoon or I'd probably still be sleeping. The only thing the after party for the Schlitz and Giggles race was missing was a big ol' bowl of mashed potatoes...details and photos here.


Art and Bikes this weekend: A Show by Kevin Porter

February 9: Messenger, spin god, artist, Jedi knight. Local Boston legend Kevin Porter is all these and more. In celebration of Black History Month, Porter has compiled a show of his past mixed-medium collages for display at Pazzo Books in Roslindale. The opening reception is this Saturday, Feb 11, and includes Porter's artwork along with a showing of the Wal-Mart Movie, incredible helmet-cam videos by Lucas Brunelle and a special sneak preview of Double Yellow II, the sequel to local filmmaker Jonathan Tomlin's peek inside a courier's head.

The event kicks off at noon with screenings at 1 and 3pm. Bring a color magazine for Porter and receive a free cocktail. Find Pazzo Books here.



Putting the Park back into Public Parking

January 22: Ever complain about the overabundance of cheap parking in dense urban areas at the expense of park and rec facilities? ReBar, a San-Fran based arts collective, has taken matters into their own hands and created a tiny oasis out of a single parking spot in downtown San Francisco. From their website:

"One of our principal aims is to appropriate and reprogram elements of the physical and cultural landscape. Much like a DJ samples and remixes recorded sounds, Rebar's work "samples" elements of the physical/cultural world and "remixes" them into novel environmental contexts. By “remixing the landscape” Rebar exposes new meanings and alters assumptions people may have toward various elements of our shared landscape.

"Rebar completed its second intervention, PARK(ing), in November 2005. PARK(ing) was a public park (complete with grass, a tree and a bench), set in a metered parking space in an area of downtown San Francisco that is underserved by public open space."

See photos, a short film about the project and a how-to guide here


photo source ReBar


Rushin' Revolution shirts almost gone

January 7: Not your ordinary shirts, these are American Apparel raglans with the RR logo on the front and 'Live Free or Drive' up the left sleeve. Details here.

***There are only three shirts left, all size XL***



'Cross Crit wrapup...Chaos, Cops, Nosepicker!

November 3: When people ask me how last Friday's Midnight Crit 'Cross Race went, I invariably use the term 'train wreck'. But that's not quite accurate, because that train never really went off the tracks. It teetered a few times, maybe hopped once or twice, but it never derailed. One thing's for sure, the 'Cross Race was the biggest, most insane Midnight Crit we've yet to host. Hot damn it was fun! Check out the wrapup here.


September 25:
Cycle Messenger World Championship photos...finally

Couldn't make it to NYC for the Messenger Worlds this past July? Click on the photo for a taste of the competition, bike love and nakedness that you missed.