Midnight Crit Cross Race in Union Square, October 28:

photo courtesy of Brian Quigley

November 3: When people ask me how last Friday's Midnight Crit 'Cross Race went, I invariably use the term 'train wreck'. But that's not quite accurate, because that train never really went off the tracks. It teetered a few times, maybe hopped once or twice, but it never derailed. One thing's for sure, the 'Cross Race was the biggest, most insane Midnight Crit we've yet to host.

The pre-party, hosted at Stoodio53 and sponsored by the Harpoon Brewery, set the tone for the night. Dozens of men and women in drag, or just in costume, showed up and enjoyed some shmoozing and refreshments. Registration began at the party and, at around 1145, riders left for Union Square. Here's the rub: Alex and I stayed behind to organize the prizes. Our logic was to know beforehand what the winners would get and thus run a smooth and superpro awards ceremony. Those in attendance know what really happened...

This was the Midnight Crit that couldn't be contained. While Alex and I rode to Union Square, we could hear the cheers from blocks away. The race had started without us. There was nothing left to do but jump in, although no one could tell us what lap it was or who was in the lead. By what I thought was lap 8, two police cruisers blocked the lanes on the back stretch with lights flashing. I thought the race was over but the entire peloton simply went around them. One exchange between a cop and a racer reportedly went like this:

Cop: "Pull over."
Racer: "No."

And that was it. After driving in the race for two laps, the cops took off. If I had known that all you needed to do was ignore the police, my formative years would have been much easier. All joking aside, I think they realized that we were not vandals, we were picking up our trash and we were ghosts. Once the fifteenth lap was run, 130 people on bikes simply disappeared without a trace...

In a night full of divas and hustlers, one name rose above the din, not to mention above all other bicycles in the race. And that name is Nosepicker. Riding his newly created tallbike that was actually five bike frames held together by all forces unholy, Nosepicker was the star of the show. And he was freaky fast too...

Right click and 'save as' the link below to download a 27 second video courtesy of Mad Dog that gives a little perspective on the event, including Nosepicker's defiance of gravity, logic and fear.

'Cross Crit video (8.4MB)

We would like to thank our generous sponsors for their continued support, without which this race would be a shadow of itself. Tyler from Paramount Bicycle Repair kicked in $115 in shop certificates, the DanskoLove/Wheelworks girls donated some amazing long sleeve jerseys (not to mention their characteristic style and positive energy) for top man and woman, OS20 Gear dropped his kickass new shirts and hats on us, and of course the Harpoon Brewery for their generous beer donation which got the whole event off to a great start.

Will there be another Midnight Crit you ask? Well we can't stop now, can we? Send any photos or random thoughts from the event to photos@rushinrevolution.com, we'd love the get 'em.