Welcome to the bicycle revolution:

We are the United People's Front for the Radical Reeducation of the Motoring Majority. Our goal is to reset the imbalance inherent in our national transportation system. Our goal is a transportation revolution.

Cars rule. Of this there is no doubt. Originally designed to serve man, the automobile has become a god to which our entire culture pays homage. Communities are routinely destroyed to accommodate them. Our government subsidizes them. Our bank accounts are emptied to maintain them. Our friends and families are killed by them.

The Rushin' Revolution will remind cars of their place. We will demand our share of the road and relinquish it to no one. As footsoldiers in the downtowns, we will serve as an example to motorists that there is another way - one that is cleaner, faster and cheaper.

We have seen the future and it is not motorized. We are the torchbearers.

We are the Rushin' Revolution...