Livable Streets Alliance: A Challenge from Mully

December 10: I sit on the board of the Cambridge-based non-profit group, Livable Streets Alliance. The group has been around for less than a year and a half but has managed to leverage real change for Metro Boston's transportation system. LSA performs Advocacy 2.0 - a savvy, informed group that not only has a vision for a better Boston, but also has the technical expertise and keen political sense to get that vision built. I have spent my months in Chicago watching them grow and gain momentum and, while I may not be able to attend every meeting, I am able to donate to the cause and ask that you do as well. It's the great Mully-matching donation drive to benefit LSA!

On December 31st, I will make a personal, tax-deductible donation to the Livable Streets Alliance and the amount I donate is entirely up to you*. If you believe in traffic calming, better bicycling and walking conditions, improved transit and a general improvement in the quality of urban life, please help with a small end of year donation. Any amount is welcome and will add to the pot. I'll match that total donation up to $250. So whether you can donate $5 or $50, $10 or $100, not only will I appreciate it, I'll also double it. (*my total donation will be $250)
Visit to learn more or to make an online donation through PayPal. If you prefer, you can send a check made out to Livable Streets Alliance to: 70 Pacific St, Cambridge, MA 02139. Please be sure to note 'Mully-match' on your donation for proper accounting and thanks in advance for your support.