Rushin' Revolution Holiday 07 Gift Guide

December 15: Cool local companies that love to ride bikes but have other passions as well. So get something cool for your friends and family and support local business at the same time. Did I mention this list contains chocolate, beer and bbq? Have I got your attention now? Good..

Taza Chocolate: Remember that dude that spanked you in the 'B' race last weekend? Well, he makes his own chocolate. Local racer, 'Fast' Alex Whitmore, and godfather of Boston cycling advocacy, Larry Slotnick, have teamed up to preach the gospel of chocolate. And not the sickly sweet stuff from Pennsylvania either. These guys grind their own single origin chocolates using traditional methods learned in Mexico.

Based out of Somerville, Taza is taking chocolate to a whole new level. Shop at Taza's online store for the gift that, if you're lucky, will be shared. I recommend the Shakey Chocolate with a side of chocolate covered Nibs..

OS20 Gear: The brainchild behind this local clothing company is Gary Contic. Some may remember him as an insane 24-Hour solo racer. Others for his downtempo 'Chillaxin' dj nights of old. Now he's got a clothing company launched and ready to rock. Visit www.os20gear.com to see all the man from Arlington has to offer.

Complete Guide to Bicycle Maintenance and Repair: Simply put, this is the Bible. Written by local Boston urban assaulter - and leader of the Syndrome - Todd Downs, it will help you through any upgrade or repair you may want to make to your trusty steed. Disc brakes, English-threaded bottom brackets, even minor adjustments..this book covers it all. Pick up a copy at your local bike shop today.

CARToons, by Andy Singer: A classic collection in the progressive transportation scene, Singer's images shoot holes in contemporary attitudes on driving, consumer culture and puts a refreshing spin on the potential fates of mankind. You'll laugh, you'll think, you might reconsider that car of yours..


Paramount Bicycle Repair: When I first met this guy, I mistakenly told my buddy "That's the dude who used to play a horn in The Specials", which was completely false. Turns out he did play horn but it was for local ska boys The Allstonians. Close enough, yeah? Perennial supporter of the Midnight Crit race series, he just finished some renovations over there in Powderhouse Circle. Stop by his shop to pick up some last minute gifts for your favorite bike nut and hang around for a while to hear the T-man preach... www.paramountbicycle.com

Vintage Etc.: For those who haven't yet been converted, clogs are the way to go and Vintage Etc has 'em. All colors and sizes and even some with steel toes. As owner and bike goddess Elizabeth says, "Wear clogs and get closer to god which is dog spelled backwards which is clog spelled crowded."

And don't forget to hit Eliza's new store in Union Square, Union Boot!

She's the local gift that gives and gives and gives to the scene. Stop by and say hello. www.crazyclogs.com

Redbones: While I don't think they'll be serving Figgy Pudding downstairs at Underbones, a gift from Redbones will have your special someone getting the tandem ready to swing you both down to the bike valet. Redbones is a shining example of a local business that reinvests in the community. I'm sporting my Rib Rider t-shirt out here in Chicago, are you? www.redbones.com

Harpoon Brewery: Okay, this one is for me. Will someone please send me a 12-pack of Winter Warmer? Please? www.harpoonbrewery.com