October 22: The field was fast, the spectators were lively and the cops did not interfere. Carry the two and you have a damn fun time. Joe Re, defending men's champion of the last three Midnight Crits, was unseated by supersonic newcomer Andres Inglis while Jill Meyer pressed the pace for the women and took it all the way to the line. Rob Arnold, perennial top 3 finisher, took the first fixed-gear category and Nosepicker took home the top honors in the modified category. Thom P took his 3-speed to its limit that night, securing the top spot for the basket division. For the record, we have to acknowledge that dude on the mini-bike. He may have only gotten three laps in, but I'm pretty sure he drank as many beers in that time..

And not enough can be said for our generous sponsors who keep coming out whenever Alex and I get a wild hair across our asses and decide to put one of these things on. Tyler from Paramount Bicycle Repair brought some bike shop shwag and some amazing homemade hot sauce for the winners (I hear the secret ingredient is love..either that or Pedros Syn Lube..). Gary Contic of OS20 Gear kicked in some apparel for both the winners and the crowd. If you haven't been there yet, his website recently launched and the gear is ready to move. And don't forget our good friends from Harpoon for keeping the love flowing. We couldn't do it without these guys, let 'em know you appreciate it.